In-Clinic Services




As an essential service, we do not require proof of vaccination for our services.

As COVID-19 remains ever present, our enhanced health and safety measures will remain in place, including mandatory masking of patients and staff. We are following the latest recommendations from AHS as well as our professional college & associations. We will continue to monitor the situation and will keep you all updated of any changes in the future. We appreciate your continued support.

We are open for all in clinic services including Physiotherapy, Massage, Pelvic Floor Physio, Vestibular Therapy, Acupuncture and IMS.

Our clinic has met the Provincial and Alberta Physiotherapy College health requirements for clinics to reopen. As well we have added a few of our own clinical procedures to ensure patient and staff safety.   We offer in house physiotherapy for those that need it and telehealth for those that do not require physical treatments, have health issues, or who prefer not to leave their homes.  In-clinic and telehealth can be used in conjunction to reach your goals.


Safety of our patients and staff is our top priority.

To mitigate risk of COVID-19 infection, we have implemented all of the requirements set our by AHS and Alberta Physiotherapy College.  This includes but is not limited to:

  • Physiotherapists to wear surgical masks (PPE) and comply with hand hygiene protocols

  • Provide hand washing and hand sanitizer to clients and visitors

  • Screening of patients and staff for any sign or COVID-19

  • Physical Distancing

  • Stringent disinfecting of beds, equipment and work areas after each patient as well as scheduled cleaning of high use areas.

  • Qualifying patients for appropriateness of in clinic treatment.

  • Provide isolation room for anyone that starts to exhibit symptoms while in clinic.

In addition to these requirements we have implemented the following;

  • Clinic entrance procedures

  • Physiotherapists use of latex gloves while treating

  • Plexiglas at reception to protect patients and staff from droplets

  • Floor markers for providing walking directions and distancing instructions

  • Using every other treatment bed in our clinic to maximize distance between others.

  • Individual, closed off treatment rooms available for those requiring a private room

  • Emailing of receipts and exercises

  • Information on COVID-19 posted around the clinic

  • Daily vacuuming with hepa filtration

What to expect when arriving for your in-clinic appointment:


  • Please fill out the online COVID19 questionnaire sent to your email 4 hours before your appointment to speed up the intake process before your appointment.

  • Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before your appointment to reduce the risks, unless paperwork needs to be completed.

  • Please bring and wear a mask into your massage appointment.  If you are struggling with a mask on during your appointment, please explain to your therapist, and note that treatments may be limited to not face forward treatments. 

  • Note water for patients will be limited.  Please bring your own water bottle.

  • Upon entering the clinic, you will see a sign to stop and wait for the receptionist. 

  • Hand sanitation / or hand washing will be required first.

  • The receptionist will perform a short questionnaire related to your current health and possible COVID-19 exposure if not already done before hand electronically.

  • Paperwork will have to be completed if it hadn't been completed online.

  • You will then wait for your therapist to escort you to the treatment area following the direction markers on the floor.

  • Your therapist will treat you similar to the previous way pre-COVID-19.

  • When exiting, follow the floor markers and wait for the receptionist if they are helping someone else at the marker point.

  • Proceed to reception to rebook, pay, pick up product or just say hi on your way out. We ask that you don't spend any more time in the clinic than you need to.

  • Receipts will be emailed.

 Watch Jen do a walk through of our clinic and see how we keep you and our staff safe!


Are you still able to use needles in your treatments

Yes we can still do acupuncture and IMS / Dry Needling in your physio appointment.

Can my spouse, parent or child come with me to my appointment.

In order to reduce risk and keep the social gathering number below the required 15, only the patient is allowed in the clinic.  Visitors will be required to stay outside. The exceptions to this is if a child under 18 is the patient and the parent is required, or if a support person is required.

If I'm feeling unwell during my appointment, what should I do?

Tell your therapist immediately.   If  you are exhibiting any signs of COVID-19, you will be isolated and 811 will be called on your behalf.

Are you able to provide Orthotic Services?

Yes, Pedorthists are able to treat in clinic as well during this stage of the relaunch.

Is Massage available and if so are there any limitations?
Yes!  Massage is available as of June 15th.  Other than our regular clinic procedures we ask that you bring and wear a mask into your massage appointment.  If you do not we may not be limited to massage upper portions of your back while you are face down only.